Gardening Tips from Excell Garden Services Midstream

This page will regularly be updated with gardening tips.


Now is the time to prune and fertilize your roses. We offer this as a Value Added Service!


Spring is around the corner!! This is the best time to start feeding your garden to stimulate spring growth. Irrigation is essential to success. We offer garden fertilization as a Value Added Service. If any area in your garden needs rejuvenation, this will be a good time to add new plants or create feature areas. Let us help prepare your garden for spring.


Feed your lawn once this month and water it regularly. Your conifers need good treatment against aphids. Now is the time to sow seed for your summer annuals.

No time to do to the above tasks? Give us a call and we'll do it for you!


Your lawn should now be mowed regularly. During this dry weather, water trees & shrubs once a week. Be on the lookout for garden insect pests and apply treatment. Feed your roses and remove faded blooms. Remember that we offer pest control and fertilising as value added services. If you would like a hand with these, give us a call.


Feed the lawn with 7.1.3. Mow and water the lawn regularly. Save water by fitting a rain sensor to your irrigation system. Keep an eye out for garden pests and treat. Spray and deadhead roses regularly. Watch this short video on how to deadhead your roses. We offer this as a value add service, so please give us a call