Garden landscaping requires vision, skill and experience. At Excell Landscaping in Midstream we believe in a quality end product. Our approach to landscaping is systematic and phased. There is no quick fix. If you want to experience the joy of a truly beautiful garden, you have to accept Mother Nature's terms. She will not be rushed.

Our Approach

Step 1 - We determine your desires, requirements, wants and needs.

Step 2 - We assess your property.

Step 3 - Together we formulate a vision for your garden. We balance this vision with what is practical and realistic as far as climate and environmental components are concerned.

Step 4 - We design your future garden's base structure keeping the agreed Vision in mind.

Step 5 – We will select the appropriate body and decorative elements. The type of plants you select and positioning of each plant is essential to the success of your garden.

Step 6 – We prepare the areas. This includes preparing the soil appropriately so that your new plants can get the best start possible and will continue to flourish.

Step 7 – Actual garden feature component installation and planting takes place.

Step 8 – We clean your new garden and provide handover. This includes empowering you with knowledge to take proper care of the plants.

Step 9 – With loving, caring and with Father Time, your garden will evolve into something truly magnificent as each season passes.

Following this approach will save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

If you have limited time to look after your garden this is no problem. This is exactly where our garden service offering and value add services come into play.

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Midstream Landscaping

Before, Initial Layout and After photographs of the same garden


Landscaping Midstream

Initial Layout

Landscaping Midstream


Landscaping Midstream